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Ameren Missouri's Charge Ahead program helps businesses install EV charging stations

Today many businesses are looking to install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at their facilities to make it easier for customers to plug-in their vehicle while shopping. Ameren Missouri business customers can now cut their cost of installing EV charging stations in half through the Ameren Missouri Charge Ahead Program.

Business customers have the opportunity to apply for incentives to offset up to 50% of the costs of installing electric vehicle charging stations. Click here for the program brochure.     

Charge Ahead has two different ways to bring more electric vehicle charging to Missouri: 

Charging Stations for local travel

Ameren Missouri provides financial support up to 50% of construction and installation costs to help local businesses, including workplaces, multi-family residences and public areas, add electric vehicle charging stations. The local charging stations may be either Level II or DC Fast Charging.

Charging Stations for long-distance travel

Long-distance travel stations will be conveniently located at existing businesses near highways for long road trips. Each station will have two DC Fast Chargers and two Level II chargers. The individual business will own and operate the station, including setting prices.

“Local businesses interested in electric vehicle charging can substantially reduce their total project costs with incentives from Ameren Missouri,” said Bryan Shannon, Ameren Missouri business development manager. “With the Charge Ahead program, we expect to help businesses install 1,000 EV charging stations at 350 locations around Missouri.”

To learn more about electric vehicle programs and incentives, please email or visit Electric Vehicles for Business.

With more people choosing road travel instead of air travel, Ameren Missouri’s Charge Ahead program is adding fast-charging stations to keep electric vehicles fueled for summer vacations.

The first of these stations opened earlier this year at the Schnucks in Warrenton, Mo. A second one just opened at Lumiere Place Hotel in St. Louis. Additional fast-charging stations will be installed this year near highways as drivers turn to road trips for safe travel.

“Ameren Missouri is delivering on our promise to support a cleaner environment with emission-free vehicles and the infrastructure to support them,” said Shannon. “With more stations available, drivers can have confidence to take that longer road trip.”

AAA® has forecasted that road trips account for 97% of the favored travel this summer. Electric vehicles can offer an even safer experience for those looking to social distance. A driver will often start their road trip by filling up their vehicle at home the night before. Once on the road, EV charging stations are usually located at the side or back of parking lots at places like hotels, grocery stores, gas stations or banks. Also, the payment is always electronic and cash-free.

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