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AIM urges members to observe Manufacturing Day

Associated Industries of Missouri says if you’re a manufacturer, be proud and show off your facility on October 4, Manufacturing Day.

The goal of Manufacturing Day is to raise awareness of the value manufacturing brings to the economy, promote the good paying opportunities the industry offers, and to celebrate the quality of American manufacturing worldwide. AIM and its official partner, The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) encourages events to be posted on, where all Missouri participants can locate them.

Last year, more than 240 events were held in 37 states with more than 7,000 people participating. Currently, there are 379 events scheduled nationwide with seven events registered in Missouri.

“Manufacturing in Missouri is making a come-back and the future looks bright,” said AIM president Ray McCarty. “We believe October 4 would be the perfect day for manufacturers all across Missouri to open their facilities to their communities to show students, civic leaders and area citizens the opportunities these facilities offer.”

The AIM sponsored Missouri Center for Manufacturing Excellence has been set up with just such events in mind. The mission of the MCME is to promote manufacturing as a viable career path for the students of the future.

“If we can show tomorrow’s leaders, as well as today’s, the current state of manufacturing as well as its future, we can begin to build a strong base of employees, skilled in the disciplines needed by modern facilities and ready to work in the manufacturing environment,” said McCarty.

For more information on, or to schedule an activity for your company on, Manufacturing Day, go to, or contact Ray McCarty at Associated Industries at (573) 634-2246 or



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