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AIM: “Transformation must be part of Medicaid expansion bill”

AIM President Ray McCarty testified this week before the Senate Appropriations Committee on SB 349, a bill sponsored by Senator Paul LeVota (D-Independence) that would expand Missouri’s Medicaid program, Mo HealthNet.

McCarty testified that Associated Industries of Missouri only supports Medicaid expansion if it is combined with or preceded by transformation of the Mo HealthNet system.  “The current system is inefficient and results in duplicated services, waste, fraud and abuse,” said McCarty. ” The Missouri Senate should take this opportunity to transform the Mo HealthNet system into one that uses the taxpayers’ money more wisely.”  SB 349 contains no such reforms, but McCarty suggested reforms should be added to the bill by the Senate.  McCarty was asked by Senator David Pearce (R-Warrensburg) whether HB 700 provided a framework for such reforms.  McCarty responded that bill could provide a basis for more thorough review and transformation of the system.

The Senate Appropriations Committee voted NOT to advance SB 349.   The “Affordable Care Act” or “Obamacare” drastically reduces payments to hospitals and other health care providers that currently help offset the costs of care when patients fail to pay for services.  If Missouri fails to enact Medicaid expansion, Missourians with insurance will pay higher premiums and healthcare costs.



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