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AIM participates in environmental fee stakeholder meeting

FEBRUARY 26, 2020 - Associated Industries of Missouri participated in the Hazardous Waste Fees Stakeholder meeting hosted by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources yesterday.

The meeting, rescheduled due to weather, occurred the day after the Missouri Senate passed SCR 38, a resolution that would block a planned increase in hazardous waste fees, if passed by the House by March 5.

DNR staff asked if support had eroded for the proposed fee increases that were developed following several stakeholder meetings last summer. AIM president Ray McCarty told the group his members have concerns with the fact DNR is continuing to pursue actions based on EPA guidance documents rather than focusing on tasks they are required to perform by statute and regulation. He also cited concerns with the DNR pursuing actions regarding vapor intrusion as an example of such EPA guidance. Such documents carry disclaimers they do not carry the force and effect of regulation or statute.

Illegal transfers from the Hazardous Waste Fund to the Office of Attorney General were also discussed. Such transfers have totaled approximately $160,000 per year for more than 17 years! McCarty pointed out Missouri law restricts the use of money in the Hazardous Waste Fund for any purposes besides hazardous waste program activities.

The DNR projected a shortfall of more than $1 million in the Hazardous Waste Fund in FY 22, spurring the fee increases. McCarty suggested the DNR attempt to recover some of the illegally transferred money from the Attorney General's Office to correct the anticipated shortfall. AIM has assisted in identifying the inappropriate transfer and is working with the Senate Appropriations Committee to ensure the transfers are reduced to the appropriate amount.

We will keep you posted of developments.



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