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AIM meets with state leaders to discuss Second Injury Fund solution


Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster

AIM President Ray McCarty and three AIM board members met Monday in Jefferson City with Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster, Senator Scott Rupp (R-St. Charles) and other business leaders to discuss the demise of the Second Injury Fund.

Rupp is the sponsor of Senate Bill 1 which proposes several reforms to the Second Injury Fund, while Attorney General Koster’s office is tasked with defending the Fund against claims.

“Attorney General Koster made it very clear that he wants the Fund simply fixed with a surcharge increase to afford the growing number of claims against the Fund,” said McCarty. “AIM, our board members and the other business leaders present made it clear that the business community intends to stand firm on a moderate surcharge increase only with real reforms to actually solve the problems of the Fund. The Fund’s problem is not limited to the amount of money available, but the amount of claims paid for injuries that are not work-related.”

McCarty was joined by AIM Board Chairman Tony Reinhart, of Ford Motor Company; past Chairman Marc Ellinger, of Blitz, Bardgett and Deutsch; and Larry Pleus, of Laclede Gas Company.

Since the meeting, AIM has continued to work with Senator Rupp and Governor Jay Nixon’s office. The Second Injury Fund was specifically mentioned in the State of his State Address on Monday.

“We also must address the Second Injury Fund,” said Nixon. “This year, let’s work together and solve this issue for the benefit of Missouri workers and employers.”

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