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AIM congratulates ICF Industries Inc. on expansion

Associated Industries of Missouri congratulates ICF Industries Inc. of Pleasant Hill on the ribbon cutting for its new 30,000 square foot expansion. The expansion has already allowed ICF to create 15 new jobs with five more to be added over the next two years.

AIM president Ray McCarty joined ICF Industries President and CEO Bob Krug and a group of local dignitaries for a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new facility in the Pleasant Hill Industrial Park, Wednesday, March 20.

McCarty addressed the group on the status of AIM priorities at the unofficial halfway point of the current legislative session, including significant progress on AIM’s tax cut bill that would cut the taxes of every employer in half over the next five years.

“The expansion of this facility is a great example of how businesses can use their capital to expand infrastructure and employ additional Missourians,” said McCarty. “The success of ICF in this community shows that when local government officials and businesses work together, they can improve the quality of life for all area residents. We are trying to do the same thing at

the state level: allow businesses to reinvest more of the money they earn, rather than sending it to the government, because we believe business leaders know how to grow the economy.”

An AIM member, ICF announced in September that it would be expanding its facility. Since then, the company has invested $1.5 million of its own capital. It has also taken advantage of incentives offered by the Cass County Corporation of Economic Development (CCCED), and the City of Pleasant Hill within the Cass County Northeast Enhanced Enterprise Zone.

McCarty also took the opportunity to remind the group of dignitaries of the importance of fostering traditional manufacturing in Missouri.”One of the main focus areas for Associated Industries’ lobbying effort is to remind our state leaders of the importance of fostering manufacturing in our state,” said McCarty. “This expansion reinforces why helping our state’s manufacturers, and attracting new ones, is extremely important to our nation and to the state of Missouri.”

ICF Industries is an employee-owned metal fabricating facility. With the new expansion, ICF has added 33 percent more space and will increase its workforce by at least 25 percent. The growth is due to the company’s willingness to assist it customers with new ideas, improving processes and investing in new technology.

Melissa Freeman, executive director of CCCED said the area is seeing momentum in planned expansions in the areas of manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution in Cass County.

“ICF is leading by example,” said Freeman. “Cass County is very fortunate to have ICF Industries and Bob Krug. He is a visionary leader, creating high quality jobs and significant investments.”



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