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AIM asks for "essential" status for manufacturers and suppliers

As many of you know, governors in some states are limiting businesses that may operate in their state during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic to those considered "essential."

Thankfully, Governor Mike Parson has stopped short of closing down most businesses, but has ordered social gatherings to not exceed 10 people and asked the public to practice social distancing.

YOU CAN HELP by trying to keep as much separation as possible between employees in your operations. Consider allowing employees to work from home that are able. Remember also, any positive COVID-19 results are reportable, according to OSHA.

Here is the text of the letter we sent to Governor Parson Friday afternoon, March 20, 2020:

"Associated Industries of Missouri asks you to designate all Missouri manufacturers and suppliers as “essential infrastructure” and “essential businesses” as the government continues to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

We thank you for your consistent support of Missourians and their employers during this difficult time. You understand the importance of a strong economy in producing the resources that will be needed to fight this pandemic. As you have correctly stated, closing businesses and destroying livelihoods does not improve the overall situation.

Today’s manufacturers are interconnected and often produce an output that is used by other manufacturers to make a finished product. Interrupting any of these operations would endanger multiple jobs at facilities up and down the supply chain."

We continue to work closely with the Governor during this difficult time. If you would like to see daily updates on the coronavirus from the Governor's daily press briefings, he will be doing them remotely through Governor Parson's official Facebook page in live videos nearly every day at 3:00 p.m.

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