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AAA Missouri surveys show support for raising fuel taxes

Since June, a 23-member panel held eight meetings to determine the financial future of roads and bridges in Missouri. The 21st Century Transportation System Task Force is charged with assessing the state road system and sourcing and determining the level of funding needed to sustain it. Heading into the upcoming legislative session, the group is presenting recommendations.

The most notable of the recommendations is an increase to both the gasoline and diesel motor fuel tax. Currently, both rates are 17 cents per gallon. The task force is suggesting a 10-cent increase in the gas tax and a 12-cent boost to the diesel tax.

AAA Missouri’s Mike Right says surveys conducted by his organization show widespread public support for raising fuel taxes.

“At least our polling would suggest that the motoring public is willing to increase their contributions to preserve the highway system,” Right said.  “We polled our members not long ago, and the vast majority of them indicated that they were willing to increase their contributions to support the highway system.”


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