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A Workforce Opportunity to help Missouri Manufacturers Fill Needs

Are you familiar with the notion of a Sheltered Workshop? They’ve been in existence for some time but like many things, they can be forgotten if they are out of sight. At a time when the workforce shortage is a common issue in the manufacturing world, we want to point you a resource that can help fill the gap.

To the general public and to most manufacturers in Missouri, there continues to be a hidden world of Sheltered Workshops. There are approximately 80 Sheltered Workshops in Missouri. The term “sheltered workshop” has been used by the Department of Labor to describe facilities that employ people with disabilities exclusively or primarily. The term “sheltered” has been frothed with negative connotations. Most Sheltered Workshops are reworking their brands and images away from the negative stigma by using acronyms or changing their names altogether. The term “workshop” should not be confused with sweat shop. All workshops in Missouri go through several different forms of certifications in order to keep the “Workshop” status and funding. In fact, the i.e. 14C Certificate from the Department of Labor and the Certificate of Authority from the Department of Education both require Financial Audits and Safety audits. The yearly certification by DESE and the state make sure the facility and process are meeting the standards set by the state for workshops. Read more…



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