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A letter from Congressman Sam Graves: Bringing back jobs killed by Obamacare

Dear Friend,

Obamacare has resulted in fewer hours for Missouri workers, forced small businesses to scale back or altogether stop hiring new employers, and raised taxes on industries across the economy.

Any way you slice it, Obamacare is a job-killer. The House continues to work to stop this harmful law, piece by piece and however possible.

President Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s takeover of our healthcare system included a 2.3% excise tax on manufacturers of medical devices covered under Obamacare. Traditionally, excise taxes are associated with “sin taxes,” like those on alcohol and tobacco. Instead, Obamacare imposes an excise tax on an industry that produces essential, lifesaving devices.

This medical device tax, like so many provisions in the President’s healthcare law, does not pass the common sense test. It is resulting in fewer new jobs, and it is estimated that over 18,500 Americans have lost their jobs in the last two years simply because of the tax.

That is why I recently cosponsored the Protect Medical Innovation Act. This bill repeals the harmful medical device tax and last week passed the House of Representatives by a bipartisan 280-140 vote.

Congress must do whatever possible to target the provisions that inhibit growth, restrict freedom, and kill American jobs. Please know that as your Representative I will continue to work toward repealing and replacing the President’s unworkable healthcare law.


Sam Graves



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