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Workforce Thoughts – Succession Plans?

Does your company have a knowledge transfer program in place? Almost 25% of the workforce is retiring in the coming decade. That’s a lot of highly experienced employees poised to be leaving the workforce. And when you consider that the next generation of employees, the young folks entering manufacturing careers, is only 5% of the manufacturing workforce, we’ve got a huge problem on the horizon. So, on top of the struggle to find good skilled workers today, manufacturers are seeing the current workforce aging out towards retirement at over 4 times the pace of young new workers coming in. As Missouri’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership center, Missouri Enterprise is your advocates and want to see you succeed for generations to come. We can help you develop a successful knowledge transfer program to day to make sure you succeed tomorrow. Visit

 (*This data is based on a recent 3rd-party study we commissioned, involving hundreds of Missouri manufacturing companies.)



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