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Whistleblower protection and Shared Work changes clear committee

The House Workforce Development and Workplace Safety Committee today approved HB 1713, a bill that allows Missouri employers to continue to use the Shared Work program when faced with layoffs.  The program allows employers to reduce worker hours and compensate employees through partial unemployment payments that are charged to that employer. This allows the employer to retain experienced workers, rather than laying off experienced employees.  Changes to the program were mandated by federal law.  The bill was approved by a vote of 8-0.  The bill will be placed on a special “federal mandate” calendar in the Missouri House for consideration after the legislative spring break.

The same committee also approved AIM priority legislation that would provide true “whistleblowers” with protection while preventing abuse.  HB 1188 was approved by a vote of 6-4 and should also be considered by the full House upon their return from the break.  A similar measure was also advanced from Senate committee this week.



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