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[WEBINAR] CE Mark - Selling in Europe

With 96 percent of the world's consumers living outside of the US, you are reaching just a small share of potential customers if you are not selling overseas. But to get your products on the move, you may need a special mark on your products -- especially if you are considering selling to Europe. 

Turn your phone or computer around. More than likely you will find the same image that you see at the top of this email. It's the CE Mark and it means it meets certain required standards for more than 33 countries. These countries include Germany, France, Belgium and the United Kingdom-- four of Missouri's top international trade partners who buy more than $1.5B Show-Me-State products. Ready to learn more? Join us on Jan. 31 for a one-hour webinar. 

Where Learn from the comforts of your office or facility by simply joining us over the web!

When Jan. 31, 2020 1 - 2:30 PM


Ray McCarty

AIM President will moderate the webinar, serving as the voice of the business community.

Bob Beckmann

Missouri Enterprise Project Manager who has worked in a wide variety of manufacturing sectors, including aerospace, designing products to meet industry codes and standards. Bob will share insight into what it takes to obtain the CE Mark and why it matters. 

Why look into obtaining the CE Mark for your company?

The European AM market is experiencing 15-20 percent annual growth. EU firms are highly interested in American AM products. This may be your chance to connect with new customers. Join us on Jan. 31 for our webinar on the CE Mark!



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