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Wallach Iron & Metal, Inc. latest AIM member to achieve SHARP status

In Missouri…you not only have to look sharp, you have to be sharp to be SHARP.

And Wallach Iron & Metal, Inc. is SHARP.

Recently, the St. Louis-based industrial scrap metal processor and buyer went through the rigorous process of qualifying for certification under the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations’ Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program.

The Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) is available for small employers with 250 employees or less who participate in the Missouri On-Site Safety and Health Consultation Program. It is designed to honor small businesses that operate effective safety and health management programs.

For the management team at Wallach Iron & Metal, coming into compliance with the program was the fulfillment of a goal to make the operation as safe as it can be.

“The scrap industry is an inherently dangerous one,” said Preston Wilmoth, commercial accounts manager at Wallach. “This whole program was set up with the scrap industry in mind. The SHARP process in our case was a three year commitment to building up our standards to meet theirs.”

The SHARP program measures compliance with 58 different categories of on-site safety and health precautions and programs. That may seem like a lot of effort, but Wilmoth said the state Department of Labor and Industrial Relations set out a very clear road map of how to reach the SHARP qualification.

“The state sends inspectors out to look at your facility, and they make recommendations in all the areas of how things can be done to qualify for the program,” said Wilmoth. “The department is very involved right from the start of the process.”

For Wallach Iron and Metal, the SHARP program is not just another plaque to hang on the wall. The qualification speaks to the fact that the business does things right for their employees and their customers.

“This is a commitment that starts right at the top, from Robert Wallach right on down,” said Wilmoth.

Wallach Iron & Metal, Inc., is now one of 35 Missouri companies participating in the SHARP program. The list includes Associated Industries of Missouri members:

American Dehydrated Foods, Inc., Verona.

Central States Industrial Equipment and Services, Springfield

Husky Corporation, Pacific

K&S Wire Products, Inc., Neosho

Ridewell Corporation, Poplar Bluff

Versa-Tech, Inc., Fredericktown

Watts Radiant, Springfield

For more on the SHARP program, visit its website by clicking here. 

To find out more about Wallach Iron & Metal, Inc., visit their website here.



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