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Venue/Joinder bill advances from House Committee

The bill would help correct a problem that has resulted in thousands of cases being filed in St. Louis courts involving litigants with no connection to Missouri. Although courts have started to hold such cases do not belong in Missouri courts, the bill is needed to prevent future abuse.

The House Judiciary Committee approved HB 231, a bill sponsored by Rep. Glen Kolkmeyer, designed to protect Missouri businesses and others from being dragged into courts far away from their business locations.

Associated Industries of Missouri supports the bill.

The Committee vote followed party lines with all Republicans on the Committee voting in favor of advancing the bill: Representatives Christofanelli, Coleman (97), DeGroot, Evans, Gregory, Hicks, Hill, Kolkmeyer, Schroer, Toalson Reisch, Trent and Veit.

All Democrats on the committee voted against the bill: Representatives Ellebracht, Mackey, Mitten, Roberts (77) and Sauls.

The bill has now been referred to the Rules – Administrative Oversight Committee for further consideration.



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