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U.S. Senator Roy Blunt addresses the Missouri House

U.S. Senator Roy Blunt spoke about tax reform, infrastructure, and jobs during his address at the Missouri House of Representatives.

Blunt brought up the need for Missouri to bring broadband to rural areas, including the fact that 51% of rural Missourians don’t currently have access to broadband. He talked about how it was important to all Missourians to have access to broadband, comparing it to how access to telephone services became a necessity.

The senator also praised Trump’s tax bill and the effect it has had on the economy, stating that it has made the United States and Missouri more competitive. He talked about how it helped workers, who get to keep more of their pay. Blunt also said due to the booming economy employers often need to raise salaries to keep employees.

Finally, Blunt discussed measures to better prepare Missourians for the workforce. He talked about the importance of a year-round Pell Grant for not just colleges, but other workforce prep programs.

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