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Trump makes last major pitch for GOP tax overhaul

President Trump made his closing argument for tax reform today, shortly after House and Senate negotiators reached an “agreement in principle” on major tax overhauls.

Speaking from the White House and surrounded by families the administration says will benefit from the tax cuts, Trump presented the GOP’s tax bill as a boon to middle-class families and a victory for ordinary Americans.

“Our tax cuts will break down — and they’ll break it down fast — all forms of government and all forms of government barriers and breathe new life into the American economy,” Trump said.

“They will unleash the American people, they will tear down the constraints on discovery, innovation and creation, and they will restore the hopes and dreams of the American family. Millions of middle class families will win under our plan.”

Trump said that middle-class families would have more disposable income every year and the law would slash taxes on small businesses.

“Our current tax code is profoundly unfair,” Trump said. “It has exported our jobs, closed our factories, and left millions of parents worried that their children might be the first generation to have less opportunity than the last. Our factories have left. So many of them gone. But they are all coming back.”



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