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Tricks to Fool Cyber Creepsters

Unlike scary characters like Freddie Krueger and Michael Myers, cyber attackers are real and they don’t just come out during the Halloween season. They lurk around throughout the year, searching for weaknesses in your system.

Mitigating cyber threats takes more than a single anti-virus upgrade; it requires ongoing vigilance. But protecting your systems doesn’t have to be complicated. For Cybersecurity Awareness Month (and all year round), here’s 5 tricks on how to begin…

1. Limit Employee Access to Data & Info

2. Install Surge Protectors/ Power Supplies

3. Patch Operating Systems & Software Regularly

4. Install & Activate Software and Hardware Firewalls

5. Use Encryption for Sensitive Business Information

Now that we’ve covered some key tricks (click here to read all nine) to protect your valuable data and information, Missouri Enterprise will show you how to install mechanisms for detecting and recognizing a cyber attack. Check out their cyber resilience program on “Five Steps to Reduce Cyber Risks“. As part of the MEP National Network, Missouri Enterprise is the state’s dedicated trusted manufacturing expert and they want to help you protect your company and strengthen manufacturing in the U.S. Register for our upcoming webinar on this topic and learn alongside your team from your operations. DoD supplier? Missouri Enterprise also has a full-day workshop and assessment on Nov. 7 to help you meet federal requirements. Learn more



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