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Treasurer Schmitt launches new transparency website to make information on government finances more

Treasurer Eric Schmitt announced the launch of new website where Missouri citizens can receive information about government finances. The website is called and it is one of the most comprehensive state government financial data portals in the country.

“Unfortunately, in the past the state has not provided adequate tools for accessing information about state finances,” Schmitt was quoted as saying in a press release. “Show-Me Checkbook gives greater access to state finances by creating a one-stop-shop for information on state spending, revenue, payroll, debt and cash flow. Missourians have a right to see how their money is being spent and managed in Jefferson City and Show-Me Checkbook lets them do just that.”

Before the launch of this new website, Missouri’s finances were often difficult to find and analyze. As a result, the state got a D+ grade for financial transparency from the Public Interest Research Group (PIRG). This website could be an important step towards improving transparency.  It could also save Missouri a significant amount of money.

Schmitt is encouraging individuals who find interesting or concerning data trends through the website to contact his office through the submission link that appears on the bottom of each page of the website.



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