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Transportation funding bill supported by MTD and AIM

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

A Missouri Senate committee heard and moved a bill forward to increase the fuel taxes on gasoline by 2 cents per gallon and diesel by 6 cents per gallon and index those taxes for inflation.

The Senate Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Safety Committee, chaired by Sen. Doug Libla, heard the bill on Thursday, January 16, 2020. Sen. Libla is also the sponsor of the bill, SB 539.

Supporting testimony for the bill was given by the Missouri Transportation and Development Council and Associated Industries of Missouri. The St. Louis Regional Chamber of Commerce, Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, Northland Chamber of Commerce and South Kansas City Chamber of Commerce also supported the bill. Other local chambers also supported the bill through a group called "Missourians for Transportation Investment."

Unlike prior versions of similar legislation, the bill does not include a public vote and an emergency clause is included in the bill, meaning it would be effective immediately upon approval by the governor.

The committee vote was 5-2 with Republican Senators Libla, Romine, and Brown along with Democrat Senators Curls and Williams supporting the bill. Republican Senators Eigel and O'Laughlin voted against the measure.

Next step for the bill is consideration by the full Missouri Senate.



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