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Transition official says Trump will not rip up NAFTA

According to The Hill, Anthony Scaramucci, a senior adviser on the the Trump transition team, told a group of business leaders that President-elect Trump is a free-trader who is looking to make trade deals more fair, not scrap them.

“I don’t think we’re looking to rip up NAFTA as much as we are looking to right-size it and make it fairer,” he was quoted as saying. “I don’t think anybody in the administration from the top to the bottom is looking for protectionism. We understand the economic harm and the impact that would take,” he also said. “I don’t think anybody in the administration is looking for quote-unquote tariffs, but I think they are a cudgel if you will to lay out there if we can’t get the trade deals to be right-sided to now benefit the American people.”

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