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Top environmental attorney addresses AIM webinar

Anyone with lingering questions and concerns about the EPA’s latest pronouncements on CO2 emissions needs to join AIM for a webinar today/Thursday (6/12/14).

Attorney Peter Glaser of Troutman Sanders LLC has battled he EPA in court several times. He has strong ties to AIM member Peabody Coal and has addressed AIM webinars in the past.

Many of us have had trouble signing in and participating in webinars held in the week or so since the EPA announcement. This will be your chance to listen to and ask questions of one of the foremost authorities on the EPA, the department’s rule making, and strategies to fight against them.

The webinar is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. today (Thursday). If you have misplaced your invitation, email Dick Aldrich at…and we’ll make sure you get included in the conference call.

Hope to hear from many of you this afternoon!



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