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The Doe Run Company invites families to return to the annual Fall Rocks event

October 12, 2022 – After a two-year hiatus, the annual Fall Rocks celebration

returns to the Missouri Mines State Historic Site Powerhouse Museum in Park Hills, Missouri, on

Saturday, October 29, from 5 to 8 p.m. Co-sponsored by the Missouri Mines State Historic Site

and The Doe Run Company (Doe Run), the family-friendly event features activities and games

that teach the importance of Missouri’s mineral resources. Fall Rocks is free and open to the


“We are so happy that the Fall Rocks event will be returning this year, because it reminds us to

take pride in what our region has to offer,” said Brian Mangogna, general manager at Doe Run’s

Southeast Missouri Mining and Milling Division (SEMO). “Missouri mining helps supply vital

minerals to the world, like the lead used in batteries to start our cars and to store clean energy

from solar panels and wind farms.”

Hard hat decorating, cookie mining, toothpaste making, and a mineral challenge are just a few

of the activities that families can look forward to this year. Free snacks and refreshments will

also be provided. Doe Run staff and volunteers will run the activity stations, and state park staff

will be available to answer questions about mining and minerals in the Old Lead Belt. The

Powerhouse Museum will be open for guests to explore exhibits about the history of mining

technology, including both the mining equipment and mineral gallery.

The Missouri Mines State Historic Site is located at 4000 State Highway 32 in Park Hills, which

is on the south side of Highway 32 at the Flat River Drive overpass, 1.5 miles west of U.S.

Highway 67.

For more information, contact Mark Hogges at the Powerhouse Museum at (573) 431-6226 or

Kim Midgett at (573) 244-8113, or visit the Missouri State Parks website.



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