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Tax reform is paying off for Missouri families

On Friday, U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) released an article discussing the positive effects the Trump tax reforms have had on Missouri families.

In the article, Senator Blunt discussed Missouri employers improving both pay and benefit increases for employees. In addition, he brought up investment plans from the nation’s largest employers, including Boeing, that would grow the economy and create new jobs.

Another benefit to the tax plan Senator Blunt mentioned was the likelihood of Missouri families having their energy bills go down.

He also said families will get to take home more of their paycheck, including savings resulting from the doubling of the child tax credit.

Senator Blunt brought up the benefits of lowering the corporate tax rates and the value of changing the way small business is taxed as examples of how the Trump tax reform is going to help Missouri in getting better jobs and opportunities in the future.

Finally, Senator Blunt ended his article by bringing up the importance of Congress working together on other major issues, such as infrastructure, that affect the American people.


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