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State Tech breaks ground on new Technology Centers

State Technical College of Missouri held a ground breaking ceremony for their new Utility Technology Center and Civil Construction Technology Center on the State Tech campus. Missouri Governor Mike Parson said a few words on behalf of the project.

“As Governor of the State of Missouri, I want to make sure to give you the tools you need to be successful and make sure that you young men and women that are going here have the opportunity to go out in the workforce and be productive, enjoy life, and live the American dream.”

The Utility Technology Center will be the new home for State Tech’s Electrical Distribution program, Utility Technician program, Nuclear Technology program, and a Utility Locating training area known as Safety Village. The project also includes a 20-thousand square foot indoor climbing and boring lab.

The Civil Construction Technology Center is a MoExcel funded project that will connect State Tech’s Multipurpose Building and Heavy Equipment Operations Building. This building will be the home for Heavy Equipment Operations, Civil Engineering Technology, and a new Civil Construction Technology program.

All of the programs mentioned above will prepare graduates for the workforce in infrastructure related degree programs.

The projects are expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

State Tech President Dr. Shawn Strong said,

“Our Governor and his administration are as laser focused on workforce and infrastructure as we are here at State Tech. This focus has had a positive impact on State Tech on so many levels. These two projects are a great example and we are so very grateful.”



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