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Stadium task force submits proposal to NFL

From the St. Louis Business Journal

The St. Louis Mississippi riverfront stadium task force said its proposal is being delivered to the National Football League and team owners Tuesday.

Copies went to the six NFL owners who serve on the league’s Los Angeles Opportunities Committee, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, all other owners and St. Louis Rams ownership and executives.

The NFL had imposed a Dec. 30 deadline for stadium proposals in St. Louis, Oakland and San Diego. The cities are looking to build stadiums in their home markets to keep their NFL teams from moving to Los Angeles.

 Claudia Cappio, the city of Oakland’s assistant city administrator, told the San Francisco Chronicle the city won’t meet the NFL’s Wednesday deadline to submit a stadium proposal; instead it will provide a letter updating league officials on efforts.

League owners are then likely to vote Jan. 12-13 in Houston whether to allow the Rams, Raiders, Chargers — or some combination of teams — to move to the Los Angeles market.

“St. Louis has faithfully supported the NFL and, in particular, the St. Louis Rams,” said Bob Blitz, task force, co-leader, in a prepared message. “Our proposal personified that support.”

The city of St. Louis earlier this month approved its portion of public financing for the $1.11 billion stadium.

That plan is worth $145.4 million, not including interest, plus some $3 million per year in amusement taxes that will go to the NFL.

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