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St. Louis ranks seventh worst growth in all major U.S. markets

According to an article by the St. Louis Business Journal, St. Louis metropolitan area’s population is slated to grow just 0.8 percent from 2015 to 2040, the seventh worst among all major U.S. markets. From 2015 to 2020, St. Louis’ growth is projected to be even worse, at 0.6 percent. The article speculates that many areas in Missouri could perform much better.

The projected growth list for Missouri:

1. Columbia, growth of 34.6 percent through 2040

2. Springfield, growth of 23.7 percent

3. Branson, growth of 21.2 percent

4. Fort Leonard Wood, growth of 21.2 percent

5. Kansas City, growth of 16 percent

6. Farmington, growth of 11.2 percent

7. Joplin, growth of 6.8 percent

8. Cape Girardeau, growth of 5.2 percent

9. Warrensburg, growth of 2.5 percent

10. Jefferson City, growth of 1.3 percent



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