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Senator Eric Schmitt and Rep. Anne Zerr file special session economic development bills

Senator Eric Schmitt (R-15) and Representative Anne Zerr (R-65) have filed bills in the Senate and House respectively.  They are the only bills filed so far in this special legislative session called by Governor Nixon for the purpose of increasing the caps for existing economic development programs.  The programs would be expanded to make Missouri more competitive in a bid for a large aerospace project.

Associated Industries of Missouri supports the plan for several reasons.  In addition to the direct and indirect benefits of securing a large aircraft production project in Missouri, such a project would benefit suppliers across Missouri, many of which need additional work to replace declining orders in the defense sector due to federal sequestration and reductions in the federal defense budget.

Associated Industries of Missouri remains committed to broad-based tax relief for EVERY Missouri employer because this would make Missouri more attractive to prospective employers and help our existing Missouri employers increase employment and capital investment in Missouri.  Although we were successful in passing a bill that would have lowered the tax burden of every Missouri taxpayer in the 2013 regular session, Governor Nixon vetoed that measure.

Both of the special session bills will be heard in their respective committees tonight.  Associated Industries will be on record in support of both of these bills.



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