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Senate Ways and Means Committee had busy week too

The Missouri Senate’s Ways and Means Committee this week took up some important pieces of legislation.

On Tuesday, the committee approved a piece of legislation sponsored by Rep. Eric Burlison (R-Springfield) that, among other things, shifts the burden of proof in tax disputes for all businesses to the Director of the Department of Revenue. The legislation makes sure taxpayers are considered innocent until proven guilty by the DOR when the DOR alleges additional taxes are due.

House Bill 1179 now moves on to the Senate floor for additional debate.

The Senate Ways and Means Committee also approved House Bill 1296, sponsored by Rep. Andrew Koenig (R-St. Louis). The original bill allows vendors to advertise that the required state sales tax has been absorbed into the price of property sold or service rendered. A Senate Substitute of the bill added apportionment language for non tangible personal property taxpayers.

House Bill 1296 now moves on to the Senate floor for further debate.



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