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Senate Bill 90 – Omnibus Unemployment Bill – signed into law

Senate Bill 90 was signed into law by Governor Michael L. Parson Tuesday. This bill includes provisions that provide cost savings and efficiencies for Missouri businesses and workers while making communication with the Missouri Department of Labor’s Division of Employment Security (DES) more convenient.

Carried by Senator Doug Libla and Representative Allen Andrews, SB 90 passed with overwhelming support in both chambers.

“This bill is a great step forward in making the Missouri citizen experience with the Department as easy as possible,” says Missouri Department of Labor Director Anna Hui.

The bill added language that allows DES to communicate electronically with businesses and claimants as well as receive documents, such as quarterly wage reports in an electronic format. It also changed the class of mail required to send assessments from registered mail to certified mail, saving the Division over $50,000 a year in mailing costs.

Additionally, the bill codified that all claimants are required to report three work search activities each week to be eligible to receive weekly benefits.

“Associated Industries of Missouri supports the work search requirements and allowing electronic communications between the Department of Labor and employers,” said Ray McCarty, president and CEO of Associated Industries of Missouri. “We are also very pleased the bill allows a business to request a waiver of mandatory electronic unemployment report filing requirements contained in the bill if the provision is a hardship to the business. We requested that provision and are happy it is included in the final bill. We applaud Governor Parson’s signing of the bill today,” he said.



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