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Senate and House hearings held on economic development bills – Bills advance

The Senate Committee on Job Creation, Economic Development and Local Government heard testimony from Governor Nixon’s office staff, public officials and business leaders last night regarding Senate Bill 1.  The bill contains the economic development plan designed to allow Missouri to compete for all or part of the production of a new Boeing commercial plane.

Mike Ennis, operations manager for Eminence Manufacturing, Inc., and Ray McCarty, president of Associated Industries of Missouri, relayed to the committee the importance of attracting projects like the Boeing project to supplier manufacturers.  “This is important to our business and we would appreciate your vote for this bill,” said Ennis.  McCarty echoed those sentiments, saying there were many suppliers across the state that are facing declining defense orders due to federal sequestration and defense budget cuts and this project would be a way for some of them to retool and produce similar products in the same industry.

The bill was approved by the committee and advanced to the Senate floor.  Debate is scheduled to begin on the bill at 9:00 a.m. this morning in the Senate.

The House Committee on Economic Development heard a similar bill, House Bill 1, last night.  The bill was approved by the committee and will be heard by the Rules Committee this evening.

AIM will keep you posted of the progress of this legislation.

BONUS: Click here for audio from the hearing

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