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Sen. Ryan Silvey talks taxes on KCUR

Senator Ryan Silvey discussed tax cuts on KCUR in an interview this morning on the “Up To Date” program.

Senator Silvey talked about tax reductions passed by the General Assembly last session and vetoed by Gov. Nixon that would have broadened the base by encouraging more taxpayers to locate in Missouri, generating additional money for education funding.  Senator Silvey said the plan passed last year was responsible and required growth in state revenues.

Sen. Silvey responded to a caller that questioned whether the “border” issues were as great in the St. Louis area by noting that Kansas City is rather unique in the fact that the border is a street and there is great development on both sides of the state line.

Sen. Silvey also noted the lack of net economic impact of providing incentives to pull businesses from the Kansas side of the line to the Missouri side of the line.  He said the states’ moneys could be better spent elsewhere to encourage real economic growth in the region.  He also noted enterprise zones now treat taxpayers differently and his proposal would be similar in preventing some taxpayers from receiving some tax benefits.

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