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President Trump tweets NAM survey, applauds US manufacturers’ “record-high optimism.”

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Fox Business reported that President Trump tweeted the results of a NAM survey Friday showing record-high levels of optimism among manufacturers. The article said that “President Donald Trump on Friday applauded a rosy reading of U.S. manufacturers’ optimism.” Fox Business wrote that “Trump tweeted out a report from the National Association of Manufacturers Friday, which showed that in the second quarter of 2017, 89.5% of survey respondents in the sector were positive about their own company’s prospects.” The article emphasized that the second-quarter report “follows the first quarter’s record-high outlook reading of 93.3%,” making the first two quarters of 2017 the highest two-quarter average for manufacturing optimism “in the survey’s 20-year history.” The article quoted the report saying, “There is a sense that many of the pro-growth policies that businesses have long sought, including tax reform, a major infrastructure package and regulatory relief, among others, might finally come to fruition.” Read President Trump’s Tweet here.



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