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No Magic Manufacturing 8 Ball, But Some Good Signs for the Future

An Article by Dusty Cruise, CEO & President of Missouri Enterprise

It would be disingenuous of us to say manufacturers have nothing to worry about. In the current climate with all the ups and downs happening across the country and across the globe, it’s hard to keep up and nearly impossible to find stability (unless you have a magic 8 ball that works). Despite the uncertainties and unknowns, the most recent numbers we have access to tell a different story or at the very least, provide a hopeful outlook.

First and foremost, we would like to thank Wentzville-based Unitherm Furnace and Strafford-based American Products for contributing to a successful trip to Washington D.C. last month for the 2018 American Small Manufacturers Coalition Hill Day. Over the course of two days, these Missouri companies met with our state’s congressional leaders and shared insights about the challenges they face and into how Missouri Enterprise helped them improve efficiency and become more profitable. Both manufacturers have grown in terms of expanding their business/products/facilities or hiring new employees (or both!) since working with our team of experts.

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