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Nixon vetoes paycheck protection/deception

This bill deals with unions for public employees only.

From The Missouri Times

One of this session’s most controversial labor bill has been struck down by the governor.

Now, Democrats in the General Assembly will have to pull off a herculean task to keep it down.

Gov. Jay Nixon has vetoed HB 1891, sponsored by Rep. Holly Rehder, that would enable a paycheck protection program designed to prevent union dues from going anywhere an individual worker does not want that money to go by allowing them to stop unions from withholding money from a paycheck as dues. The bill only deals with public employees and public union dues.

Opponents, like Nixon, other Democrats, and some labor-minded individuals, believe that paycheck protection, what they call paycheck deception, weakens unions.

“Making it harder for teachers and mental health workers to exercise their constitutional right to organize is wrong and a waste of taxpayer dollars,” Nixon said in a statement. “Lawmakers should be supporting workers instead of attacking their constitutional right to organize for fair wages and safe workplaces.”

The Americans for Prosperity of Missouri however, noted that the veto was out of touch.

“Governor Nixon’s veto shows he no longer is paying attention to what Missourians want,” said AFP Missouri Deputy State Director Rachel Payton. “Knowing that the legislation passed with a veto-proof majority, it is clear that the people have spoken. Missourians want paycheck protection and our organization will continue to make that clear to legislators. Missourians want more fairness in the workplace and this law would bring us one step closer. We have had activists across the state contact their legislators to show support of this legislation. Our efforts will continue with a true grassroots campaign.”

Mike Louis, president of the Missouri AFL-CIO, thanked Nixon for vetoing the bill.

“I appreciate the governor’s ability to be able to stop this kind of legislation that’s harmful to the wroking people of the state of Missouri,” he said. “I wish the legislature would concentrate more on things that are going to help workers and grow the economy and stop the attacks against Missouri’s working families.”

Attorney General and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Chris Koster also praised Nixon.

“Governor Nixon took the appropriate action in vetoing HB 1891,” he said in a statement. “The legislation attempts to pit workers against each other in an effort to drive down wages across the state. Attempts to divide Missourians will only make our state weaker and do nothing to grow our economy. Instead of attacking unions, the legislature should focus on economic development opportunities such as expanding healthcare and investing in transportation.”

Now, the bill will head back to the House, where Democrats will try to break the slim veto-proof majority the bill attained in its final days of debate.

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