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New direction for Missouri DNR – Director Comer appears on AIM Live Video Environmental Webina

June 30, 2017 – Associated Industries of Missouri President and CEO Ray McCarty welcomed Director of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Carol Comer, General Counsel Katie Jo Wheeler, and Director of the Division of Environmental Quality Ed Galbraith to our studio as they presented AIM’s Live Video Environmental Webinar this morning to nearly 30 businesses across the state.

Director Comer discussed her vision for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. She stressed her goal is for the agency to help businesses comply with environmental regulations and to be less punitive in nature.

McCarty was very impressed with both the spirit and detail of her remarks. “I believe members of the regulated community sincerely wanting to comply with environmental regulations will find the approach taken by Director Comer to be a breath of fresh air,” said McCarty. “She is tasking her agency with helping implement Governor Greitens’ stated goal of making government work for the people in a way that allows employers to thrive in Missouri.”

Director Comer said her first focus is to reduce and eliminate the backlog of permits and permit renewals, a move also welcomed by the regulated community.

Stay tuned and we will keep you informed as the DNR rolls out their review of regulations required under the statutes, the new review of regulations required by Governor Greitens’ Executive Order, and their process in eliminating the current backlog of permit applications.



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