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National Safety Month – Safety Basics for Manufacturers

Unintentional injuries are the 3rd leading cause of death in the US, and they are preventable! As we celebrate #NationalSafetyMonth, here is a gentle reminder to maintain focus on the safety basics at work.

When we focus our time and efforts on making safety corrections, we often focus on machine guarding, lockout/tagout, and regular documented training. However, a good deal of injuries and costs are caused by injuries on walking surfaces or due to ergonomic issues in our work. Workers compensation costs for these injuries are huge. More importantly, we have workers who are losing work time and having to get treatment for these injuries. And at a time of nearly full employment, a workplace injury could be debilitating for a manufacturer struggling to find and keep workers around. So, don’t ignore the issues that are waiting in front of you – the safety basics. Keep aisles and walkways clear, and use proper lifting techniques. Make sure to formulate policies and procedures that protect workers on walking-working surfaces, train employees on how to identify hazards, and keep their work areas safe. Engage resources like Missouri Enterprise to take a closer look at your safety and wellness programs to ensure they’re best suited for all employees and situations. Let Missouri Enterprise know if you are interested in a workplace safety assessment. Or, click here to learn more about their other safety-focused services, including TWI Job Safety (how to prevent workplace accidents), food safety (ensuring your company is adhering to the latest regulations), and cybersecurity (one of today’s top workplace safety threats).



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