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NAM: With the right policies, US poised for manufacturing boom

Under the headline, “Bad Policies Drive Away Job Creators,” in the Detroit News (8/15) columnist Nolan Finley wrote that National Association of Manufacturers President and CEO Jay Timmons told the Detroit Economic Club that the US “was poised for a manufacturing boom — if it got its policies right.”

Timmons said, “Taxes, energy and workforce.” President Barack Obama has release a proposal “to cut corporate taxes to 28 percent, with a special 25 percent rate for manufacturers.” Finley called that “a good start.” But, Finley wrote, it is accompanied by new taxes Obama “wants to confiscate from the people who invest in those corporations.”

The President “is doing no better on the other two priorities on Timmons’ list for boosting manufacturing jobs,” Finley wrote. “Policies matter,” he wrote. That is what “manufacturers have been trying to tell the Obama administration.”



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