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NAM: Small manufacturing makes America strong

Associated Industries of Missouri is the sole official designated partner of the National Association of Manufacturers in Missouri.

In honor of Independence Day, Jay Timmons, President and CEO of National Association of Manufacturers, pays homage to small American manufacturers’ big contribution to free enterprise through a recent article.

Timmons notes that small and medium-sized companies make up a whopping 97% of manufacturers in the United States. A statistic that we, as Americans, should celebrate.

In many ways, the story of America and the Fourth of July is defined by small businesses. Where would we be today without an ambitious group of entrepreneurs who decided to risk everything in a new land and start their own enterprise, first as a group of colonies and later as a fledgling nation? -Jay Timmons

Basically, small business is the very essence of the free foundation in which America was constructed in 1776. Independence Day is a great time to reflect on the importance of freedom for Americans as not only citizens, but business owners.

To read Jay Timmons’ article, click here. 



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