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NAM’s Timmons featured in National Journal

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On Wednesday, the National Journal published an interview with NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons, in which he spoke about how the Trump Administration has been supporting manufacturers. Of the “specific wins” for NAM members during Trump’s presidency, Timmons says “if you look at how the administration is shaping up in terms of new regulations, they’re actually bringing business to the table and asking us how they’ll impact our ability to compete in the global economy. We didn’t have that access for several administrations.” He adds that President Trump’s Administration “has been best in class” at reaching out to the business community. Timmons says “we polled our 14,000 members and almost two-thirds said they’d invest in new plants and equipment [after a tax-code overhaul],” and emphasizing that the NAM “wanted to see a 15 percent corporate tax rate and a similarly competitive rate for pass-through entities” as well as “full expensing, a credit for research and development, and a territorial system to encourage companies to bring their money back and invest here.” Timmons emphasizes the need to “get serious about structural reform of the government.” When asked how the NAM will convince those members that are on the fence of supporting tax reform, Timmons said, “I happen to think that if you show folks the impact their actions have on real people in the real world, with empirical data, it matters. We’re going to make sure manufacturing workers know how important this is to their own livelihood back in their districts.” Finally, Timmons argues in terms of immigration issues, “DACA is clearly our most urgent need right now,” saying he hopes “Congress fixes it quickly” because “we have not aligned our curriculum with the needs of our future workforce.”



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