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NAM: EPA’s Ozone Rules “Wildly” Miss The Mark

In an op-ed for The Hill’s (9/24, Porter) “Congress Blog,” J. Winston Porter, an energy and environmental consultant, states that the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed ozone rules have “pushed aside” science and expert opinions “in favor of politics” to create “unachievable goals and real economic pain.”

According to Porter, the EPA’s claims that the regulations will improve the nation’s health “rests on shaky ground.” Porter also questions how the EPA could say that economic impacts cannot be considered “when building regulations” are devised, when at the same time the agency is “citing potential economic benefits from improved health.”

Porter argues that “sound regulation must rest on science, not politics,” and since the scientific justification for the ozone regulations are “full of holes,” the “EPA’s ozone proposal wildly misses this mark.”

Proposed EPA Ozone Regulations Stir Sentiments In Indiana Ahead Of Deadline. The Indianapolis Star (9/24, Groppe) reports that the EPA’s new regulations on ground-level ozone have both supporters and opponents “gearing up” in Indiana to “influence the outcome.”

The Star notes that the NAM “is targeting the state as part of a multimillion-dollar ad campaign against tougher rules.” During a NAM press conference on Wednesday, Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson commented on the proposed regulations’ impact on her city’s largest employer, US Steel, saying “We just can’t sustain another hit.” Meanwhile, the Star notes that the Sierra Club and other mayors have voiced support for EPA’s new rules.

Associated Industries of Missouri is the sole official designated partner of the National Association of Manufacturers in Missouri.



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