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Mobile-Friendly Unemployment Filing System Aligns with Consumers’ Needs

In April 2019, the Missouri Division of Employment Security (DES) launched a mobile-friendly version of UInteract, the Division’s complete unemployment insurance online system. “Becoming mobile-friendly aligned UInteract with the lifestyle of today’s consumer, giving them the convenience of not only conducting business after hours but also on the go while making Missouri government more accessible to businesses and workers,” commented DES Director Chris Slinkard.

Within the first few months after the mobility launch, Missourians interacting with UInteract overwhelmingly chose the mobile option. Data showed that 62% of claimants that interacted with the online system used a mobile device while 38% used a personal computer.

“We are pleased to see so many individuals taking advantage of UInteract’s mobile-friendly feature to meet their needs,” Director Slinkard stated. “We anticipate that number will grow as we further refine our system.”

UInteract is available 24/7 to file unemployment claims and weekly requests for payment, check payment status and update contact information, payment methods and more. With citizens choosing the mobile version of UInteract, beginning September 1, 2019 the automated phone system used for file weekly requests for payment will no longer be available.

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