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Mo-Made goods continue to land across the map

Here is a quick status check on Missouri exports as more and more customers around the world become fans of Missouri-made goods.

When looking at the number of exports that left the state in January/February of 2016compared to that same time period in 2017, exports sales increased by 15 percent.

Jan-Feb 16 to Jan-Feb 17 Exports

The top industry in exports for January/February of 2017 was transportation equipment which rose by 31.3 percent– led by aerospace parts and products (70.5 percent). The next top industry for exports was chemicals rose 9.1 percent– led by basic chemicals (8.4 percent).

Internationally, Missouri’s exports to Canada were up 36.7 percent and exports to China were up 19.7 percent.

Interested in exporting your Missouri-made products? Learn more about how to start engaging with new customers around the world.



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