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Missouri regulators approve moving forward with change in air pollution fees

After our Environmental Committee webinar where we discussed in great detail the Air Conservation commission’s new fee structure, we wanted to be sure you had the most up-to-date information.

AIM President/CEO Ray McCarty talked today with Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) official Kyra Moore regarding the timeline for the plan. Ms. Moore is the Director of the Air Pollution Control Program for the DNR and has been very helpful and responsive regarding this issue.

The emissions fee will increase from $40 per ton to $48 per ton for calendar year 2015 emissions that are reported and paid in June, 2016, if the current rule is enacted with no changes or delays.  The Air Conservation Commission approved moving forward with the rulemaking process to enact the fee increase as suggested by the stakeholders.  Discussions regarding a permit fee increase will continue.

Our members have indicated support for the emissions fee increase as part of a balanced fee increase approach to ensure fair financial support of the Air Pollution Control Program.

We will continue to represent business and keep you posted of progress as this situation progresses.



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