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Missouri Manufacturing Challenge workshop series- SAVE THE DATES!

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When it comes to manufacturing, our team at Missouri Enterprise has its fingers on the pulse. To help small to medium-sized companies overcome obstacles and prepare for the unknowns of the future, we are proud to announce our lineup for the Missouri Manufacturing Challenge workshop series. From figuring out how to recruit ready-to-work employees (that are also tech savvy), prepare for globally recognized industry certifications, or tame technology, the Missouri Manufacturing Challenge workshop series has the sector’s needs covered.

We are partnering with business organizations like the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership, the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce, the Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce and the Full-Employment Council of Kansas City to hold these events.

Manufacturing is one of the state’s most important industries. It is responsible for more than 12 percent of the state’s GDP and it pays an average annual wage of $68K (which is $24K higher than nonfarm occupation wages in the state). It’s important that we support our manufacturers and that they are aware of the resources created exclusively for them.

Who is Missouri Enterprise? We were created for one simple purpose—to help manufacturers succeed. We have a contract with the federal government to offer effective and customized services to manufacturers at an affordable rate (often a third of the cost compared to what a private organization charges). And because we are part of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) network, we can access experts from MEPs throughout the country and bring them to Missouri to meet the needs of a company here in our state. From assistance with prototype development, to value-stream mapping, facility layouts, transfer of knowledge workforce plans, and more, Missouri Enterprise is the number one resource for manufacturers.



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