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Missouri legislators taking aim at tort reform to clean up state’s ‘judicial hellhole&#8

Missouri lawmakers are considering House Bill 1578, which modifies provisions relating to civil procedures in tort claims and makes it more challenging for plaintiffs not connected to the state to file cases.

HB 1578 would also change the law concerning the definition of principal place of residence for individuals, corporations and insurance companies with regard to venue purposes in civil actions. Ray McCarty, CEO of Associated Industries of Missouri, stated that HB 1578 is needed in the state.

“While we have been encouraged by recent court cases denying plaintiffs access to our courts if there is no Missouri connection, we believe the statute needs to clearly codify the rules for establishing and maintaining joinder,” he said.

In addition there was a hearing for SB 546 in the Senate, a bill that has the same purpose, that McCarty testified on.

“The bill helps reinforce recent court decisions that have prevented lawsuits with little or no connection to the State of Missouri from being heard in Missouri courts. It establishes the process by which parties may be joined for the purpose of establishing venue and sets forth criteria to follow when deciding the proper venue for a legal action.” he said.



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