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Missouri Enterprise: Valves, Value & Victory – An ISO Success Story

By Amy Susan

Manufacturers across the U.S. are affected by the upgrade of the ISO certification (transitioning from 2008 to the 2015 standards). Many major OEMs and global companies require their suppliers to have it by September 2018. Missouri manufacturers need to take immediate action to prepare and implement (these are TWO separate steps, each taking weeks to months) ISO 2015 and with your help, we can make sure they are ready.

“We knew there would be companies that waited until the last minute to get it done which meant it would be challenging to find an auditor available to help us. We wanted to take care of it with plenty of time to prepare.” Tim Preusch, Engineering Manager, Foster Manufacturing

Many manufacturers make ISO upgrades because they are required. Others, like Foster Manufacturing of Springfield Missouri, do it to stand out from the competition for high quality as well as to stay ahead of any potential requirements from their major customers.  Click on the video to see how our team of professionals helped Foster and dozens of other Missouri manufacturers prepare, implement, and pass the ISO 2015 certification.



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