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Missouri Energy Forum: Natural Gas and Oil Infrastructure in Missouri

By Mark Rhoads

When we talk about infrastructure, we immediately think about roads, bridges and other transportation-related improvements.  Infrastructure can also apply to energy related-issues including transmission of natural gas and oil.

Did you know that our state is home to twelve major natural gas transmission pipelines that touch 50% of our counties?  Our state is also host to the Enbridge Pipeline that transports oil and touches eleven counties from NW to Central Missouri. Keeping pace with new oil and gas production trends requires updating the energy infrastructure network which includes pipelines, storage, processing, rail and maritime resources. An adequate pipeline infrastructure system will enable Missourians to continue to have access to oil and natural gas to meet our everyday needs. A recent example of infrastructure development is the approval by the federal government to go forward with the Dakota Pipeline, a $3.8 billion project, which will initiate in the Bakken shale oil fields in North Dakota and terminate in an oil tank farm in Patoka, Illinois. This pipeline, while not touching our state’s borders, will provide another reliable supply of oil and natural gas for Missourians. Additionally, because our neighboring state will receive the oil, Missourians on the eastern border of the state will have employment opportunities not previously available.

The Missouri Energy Forum wants to be your point of information regarding energy infrastructure.  If you have questions, concerns or wish to receive additional information, please contact MEF Field Director Mark Rhoads at or call (573) 635-0505.

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