• AIM Team

Legislature Passes AIM Refund Language

The Missouri House tonight approved Senate amendments on HB 1504.  One of those amendments contained Associated Industries of Missouri (AIM) refund language allowing taxpayers that originally paid sales and/or use taxes to seek refunds directly from the Missouri Department of Revenue, if a vendor fails or refuses to participate in seeking the refund.  Currently, taxpayers are left without recourse if a vendor refuses to seek the refund.  The Senate language was adopted by a powerful bipartisan margin (113-28) and the bill was Truly Agreed and Finally Passed by a vote of (112-29).

AIM began working with the Missouri Department of Revenue on details of the language last year.  “Finally, taxpayers have the ability to recover sales and use taxes they have paid improperly on purchases,” said Ray McCarty, president/CEO of AIM.  “Today’s vote is a win for taxpayers, including Missouri employers.”

The bill will now be sent to the Governor for signature.

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