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Legislative leaders say focus will be on taxes, job growth

As the 2014 session of the General Assembly opened Wednesday at noon, leaders in both the House and Senate promised that cutting taxes will be high on their list of priorities.

The strongest language comes from House Speaker Rep. Tim Jones. In a session opening address to his chamber, Jones said Missouri is falling behind states to the south and west “where bold leaders are enacting even bolder reforms of growth and opportunity leading to prosperity for all.”

Jones promised to work towards “tax cuts for all, not just the chosen few.” He said tax cutting legislation and reforms to the tax credit system would be a means to grow business throughout the state.

Jones also called for “Right to Work” legislation, less regulation of business and reasonable medical malpractice award limits.

In the Senate, President Pro Tem Sen. Tom Dempsey elected not to give opening day remarks. In a release from Dempsey’s office, the senate leader said “lowering the tax burden on individual Missourians and smart economic development will remain ongoing priorities.”

Majority Floor Leader, Sen. Ron Richard (R-Joplin) said he expects “to see a wide variety of bills that aim to reduce the tax burden on the citizens of this state, and we will have an earnest and lengthy debate on these measures to do what’s best for Missourians.”

“The governor was willing to move targeted tax breaks last year, which we supported, but we also support a broad-base tax cut for all Missourians,” said Dempsey.



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